Pictures out of order

Grabbed some assorted pictures from the last few days. My upload put them in a different order and I will just go with that. Again apologies to those of you who wander over from Facebook as this is all old news!


When it was so horribly cold and windy on Sunday my husband out of the blue said, let’s go to the zoo and see butterflies. So we did. We stopped to see the Mama polar bear with her two cubs who are now quite large! Usually the polar bear exhibit is claustrophobic with a hundred people are jostling for a view. This time there were six people in the building. Lovely. I must have taken 30 pictures of the bears and five different videos.


I just noticed that my Vitamin C drops are offering me encouragement every day! How fun.

WP_003568My daughter and I went on a trip to Frankenmuth Michigan for a couple of days of shopping and sitting and eating and laughing. It was very nice. this picture makes me laugh.

????mOne night we had dinner at the Bavarian Inn. My daughter got the sausage dinner and it came with everything you see on the table plus a few more sides that didn’t make it into the picture. More than enough for her vegetarian mother to share. πŸ™‚

When I got home from Frankenmuth I found two beautiful little eggs in my canary cage. Yesterday the count was up to three. I am ridiculously excited! I am searching for good ways to throw a webcam on the cage but I’m having resource issues! My extra computer is just not up to challenge of all of the new software. Which is of course why I finally broke down and bought a new computer last week. But I don’t want to use my new computer. This and that. You know. Trials and tribulations.

Ah, the aforementioned butterflies! If you’ve never been to a butterfly house it’s worth it. So lovely.

While at the zoo we went through the insect exhibit. I was trying to get a picture of this guy who is actually about 10 inches long and when I leaned on the stand alone exhibit case the whole thing moved quite a bit! I did in fact give a little shriek!


9 thoughts on “Pictures out of order

  1. You handled the shades of white very nicely in that first pic.

    I’m a sucker for sausages too. But, I honestly think I could go vegetarian, if Mary would join me. Not the remotest chance of that.

  2. I enjoyed the pictures, especially of the polar bears.

    I’m so excited about the birdie eggs. How long until they hatch?

    We’ve been to a butterfly house before and it is a wonderful experience.

    Is that a walking stick? Those guys are very cool. Glad the case did not tip over.

    1. I was typing am answer to you when SOMEONE leaped on me and made my tablet close so you may get a couple of half answers. I was over the walking stick bug case didn’t tip over too! We have a large butterfly house one city over. Its pretty darn cool.
      The internet tells me the egss will hatch 14 days after she’s done laying the whole clutch and a clutch is normally three to five eggs.I hope they’re all happy and healthy and chirpy! Just so exciting.

  3. Cool Shots, wish we had Polar Bears and a butterfly house. I”m always visiting the Aviary I like being caged in with the exotic birds. Butterflies and hummingbirds would be a nice addition.

    1. When we went to the Zoo the first place we stopped was the Aviary. Mostly because it was the first warm building we came to and it was 25F and windy outside!

      1. The contrasting difference is amazing, 25f to 80f humid it was about two weeks ago, our Aviary is a large cage. Carrying my camera bag and dslr, it was a sweaty workout. Because of that no Polar Bears for our zoo, but we used to have a bear…long ago though. No bird pics?

        1. The Toledo Zoo is really quite large. The aviary house has 7 or 8 rooms with different bird exhibits and three open rooms with the birds flying around. No pictures of birds this time for me, I was too cold to take out my phone at that point.
          Oh, and we have Polar Bears & Sloth Bears.

          1. Not surprised by the larger aviary, the better mainland zoos are a step ahead of us. The birds make up about a quarter of our zoo with large sections of cages, aviary and a couple of large ponds, I think it totals about 165 species… last time I googled. Maybe, on your next visit you can post some photos, if the weather is good. πŸ™‚

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