Pillow Book

Things that I am grateful for today:

1. When I am sick I can stay home and be drowsy all day while taking lots of medicine

2. If I asked my husband to go to the store because I have a craving for an apple, he would go. ( I do, but I won’t)

3. That I have a weird knack for disappearing from work when all hell breaks loose and the people who work with me are responsible enough to take care of business when they need to.

4. The podcast “things you missed in History Class” it took me through many many nights of not being able to sleep during chemo and now makes me fall asleep even when I’m not tired just by hearing the theme music. Oh, and they taught me the phrase Pillow Book.

5. The UPS guy who brings me all the things I could ever want without ever having to leave my couch

6. Finding a group of people who suit me so well to work out with three times a week and give me strength I never knew I could have again

7. Electric Blankets


2 thoughts on “Pillow Book

  1. That was a nice list. I am sorry that you are sick but how wonderful you can go home when you need to.

    You have a good hubby. I hope you end up getting that apple. Remember an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

    I think I have listened to that podcast but always fell asleep before I really learned anything.

    I love my UPS person, too. I feel bad that they have to walk up such a long driveway at my house because I know they are so busy.

    It sounds like you have such a good group. You have come such a long way.

    Yay for warm blankets!

    Feel better! Sorry you are sick!

    1. Thanks. I think (I hope) it will be a quick cold! Everyone at work had or has it. Not really so horrible, hopefully it will stay that way.

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