Planning my day

It’s been a strange week and it’s only Wednesday! Normally I work Wednesday afternoons but this week I am working on Thursday instead so it feels like an old-fashioned vacation day. Old patterns really do stick.

I took a NyQuil last night figuring if I was dealing with a cold or allergies, either way it would help. Now I am just NyQuil hungover. I think it’s just allergies combined with 120 minutes of massage throwing off a lot of lactic acid. Yesterday morning I went to physical therapy and they spent 30 minutes massaging just my abdomen. All of the muscles in my abdomen (well my whole body)are just unmoving clenching messes. I have noticed and worried about the fact that it feels like I am curling in on myself, the PT said that it is because I am. So, they work on releasing those muscles. In just a fluke of timing I went from physical therapy to an actual LMT appointment. Lovely Hannah beats the shit out of me but it was necessary. I have some shoulder/neck issues and last week my port closed up which we think is pretty clearly related. I need to make sure to go back in a couple of weeks. It was TERRIBLE. There is no way that you can release all the muscles when it’s that bad because I would end up a mass of bruises and it then they would all just tense back up. BUT I between the NyQuil and the massages I got some good sleep last night!

So – last week I went to m PCP. We loves her. 🙂 I had a small list of things to check on. On my list was my poor sad pinky finger that I hurt last month. It is still painful and oddly bruised and there is a lump on the side now. I assumed I dislocated it because of what happened but since I had full mobility I also assumed it went back into place and just needed to heal. So she asked me to go get an X-ray to rule out issues. I got the x-ray on Monday morning and on Monday afternoon the lovely Connie from my PCP office called to tell me it was broken. Sigh…..Well I guess that explains why it still hurt after a month!

Poor Sad Broken Finger. Also – Still playing with Photo Editing.

Off to my orthopedist on Friday morning. The ortho’s office was very funny. They were quite concerned and very apologetic because my doctor is out of the office until Friday. Now I am immobilizing the finger and walking around with fun bandages. Except when I took this picture because the bandage was annoying. And I need that finger for Q, A, Z and Caps.

I really need to go somewhere for a month and let everything heal and stop hurting myself. I am a mess.

The last minute scheduling of the ortho on Friday actually conflicts with a different Drs appointment that I then had to move to Monday – during my work afternoon – so now I have to move work. I am ridiculously over-scheduled when it comes to medical appointments. How do people who are really sick find time for everything?

I have a craving for Trader Joe’s French Onion Soup. I may pack the beagle off to day care and drive up to Trader Joe’s and then stop and take pictures at the park this afternoon. Or maybe I will just sit and read my book.


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