Playing with the new phone camera

Started working from home at like 7am this morning after sending an email in saying that I was taking a sick day or working from home. I guess it is a combination of the two.

I am still learning my new phone. I have been playing with the camera settings – bonus finally learned how to do a quick launch on the camera – so here you go.


I’ve tried a couple of different live plants in there for them and none successful so far. This months try is a chamomile plant submerged in water then roots covered in rocks.


Tricky getting the camera to focus where I want it to focus instead of where it wants to focus!


She is going to get fat and out of shape because she spends hours and hours laying in her nest looking out the window.

My  birds get so strange after I do a cleaning and rearranging of their cage. Everything is new again to them.  Yellow bird is bringing little girl bird nesting material again so we may have more egg drama soon!

Dying Plant!





6 thoughts on “Playing with the new phone camera

  1. I have been wondering about the birds. Maybe this time their efforts might have a better outcome. I like their little home. It never would have occurred to me to include a live plant. I hope it does well.

    The new camera takes nice pictures.

    1. I am really happy with the camera on the phone! I never even looked when I was picking out the phone but I would have been sad had it been a bad camera!

  2. It IS a good camera..
    Do you just leave your pics on your phone or download them to something to keep them?

    1. Mostly I take them off of the phone. I like keeping as much free space on my phones as possible just to help them run better. I copy all of my pictures to all of my computers! All THREE of them!

  3. We put all of our pictures on the computer but then Craig burns back up disks and keeps them in the safe.

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