Pondering the fate of humanity

In different forms the question of why do men rape has popped into my head in the last couple of weeks. It’s been due to television shows, a news article, and a blog I read. Today I googled it. I found there was a giant study done just recently about this actual question.

“The most common motivation that men reported for rape perpetration was related to sexual entitlement—men’s belief that they have the right to sex (71% in Bougainville and also across all sites). The second was for fun or due to boredom (63% in Bougainville), followed by anger or punishment. Alcohol was the least common motivation given by men.”


This is an article talking about the same study.


Here is a different study showing basically the same thing.

A recent Sky News survey reveals the harrowing attitudes some South African men hold towards rape. Some claim women “want to get raped,” while others say they don’t feel bad because “she was good to sleep with.”


I’ve always heard that rape was not about sex it’s about power and intimidation. I never really understood that statement. Rape is the act of forced sex so how can it be not about sex. There has to be some sort of sexual context or it wouldn’t be rape. I wonder if when they say it’s about power they are sort of saying the same thing as the Asia report when it comes to entitlement. Rapists have the power and show they have the power by taking what they want.

I am not any closer to understanding why there is rape. Is the sexual urge so over-powering that when given the opportunity of committing forced sex without reprisal a huge percentage of people are just unable to resist?  Perhaps this is why organized religion was started. It was a way to add in repercussions without having to police a community. Sin and go to hell. Make rape a sin and you have taken care of some of the issue. Of course as time goes on the definition of rape has also changed. It use to be reserved only for bad men attacking good women. As the decades go by it’s slowly being used on more and more cases. Bad men attacking any woman. Good men attacking good women. Unless of course they’re married to them, or the woman is drunk. then it’s not usually considered rape. It’s taking us a long time to get there isn’t it?

I found this article just appalling;


It’s one of those things that if I think about it too much I have trouble keeping my optimistic view of humanity.




6 thoughts on “Pondering the fate of humanity

  1. This subject has so many levels it’s hard to categorize them. Those are some sad stats and I don’t think it can get better. Good post though.

    1. It was almost too big of a conversation to try and blog about. It needed a whole book, but then there are so many of those already and they don’t seem to do any good.

  2. Too big a subject for me to fully address in a few words. And, I am a man of few words.

    Sex is what two or more consensual post-puberty persons do, in the context of love and procreation. When it goes beyond that, I am lost.

  3. I guess I would say that the people who rape have a combination of issues that lead them to that sort of behavior. I would guess they suffered some sort of abuse in their lives, had self esteem issues, and were mentally defective so that they could not control the urge to rape.

    It seems most societies value women so little that very often the perpetrators are barely punished. This basically reinforces the point to men that they are free to do as they please. And the cycle continues.

    1. I agree with you about societies valuation of women. I just don’t understand it. I hope as a society we someday unlearn those behaviors.

  4. I think a lot of abuse and dysfunction manifests in a mans penis. I seriously think the majority of men think with their penis and rapists are using their dick because that is what they are thnking with and the penis brain has no moral compass. I don’t mean to make it sound simplistic because I don’t thnk it is…simple wrapped in very complicated.

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