Pondering the State of the World

I was thinking on the way to work this morning about all of the years and lives we spent in the middle east. And I wondered if anyone really has a clear idea on a solution that will work to firmly and finally resolve the issue of Americans being in danger from extremist groups in other countries.

So far the solutions we have tried were;

1.) sitting down and talking to all parties

2.) Not doing anything

3.) Sending American military personnel over to fight and / or train the non-extremists in the affected countries to fight for themselves.

None of these things have been effective.  We yell at our politicians because they’re always doing the wrong thing but is there a right thing? Is there any strategy that will actually eliminate the problem? You hear some people offering their advice of just bomb the hell out of these people but that doesn’t really seem like it would work. You would have to literally kill each and every person in those countries. Every man, woman and child, to make sure you eliminated all possibility of retaliation and the organizations being rebuilt.

Of course you also have all of the militants that are here in the US. Though, I think if you wiped out an entire nation the people hanging out here might just decide to lay low, or they would pack up and go back to their country and start over.

If I am having a problem with a person near my house I have options. I can leave. I can shoot them. I can call the police. It’s much harder to do with a few thousand people that are far away. If the entire state of Michigan decided that no one with the last name of Murray in Ohio should be allowed to live, I think I might run out of options pretty quickly. So what would I do?

I could change my name, but I don’t think the equivalent of having all of America change to  a different religion to make them happy would be a workable solution.

I could gather all of the Murrays together and we could collectively defend ourselves? So we build a fortress and we sequester ourselves. No Michigan people in the Murray fortress, no Murray people wandering away. I think that the Amercan version of that would be emptying our country of all non-Americans and closing our borders. And of course not allowing Americans to travel to dangerous countries. Would that work? If we did completely cut ourselves off from other countries what would happen? I think in a lot of ways it could be okay, but it would be very dangerous. Not only would our isolation lead to a small view of our world for us we would lose all of the knowledge and shared information from the rest of the world. We would also lose any allies we had. And if other large nations aren’t our allies they have the potential to become our enemies. Not a good plan.

I guess I am really no help. I have no solution.



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