Post-it Notes from my Brain

It’s been a long time since I blogged just too get words out.  I have this little creative reservoir inside me. It is a tiny little container that allows my creativity to drip into it. As time goes on it starts filling up. When it gets too full it starts leaking out of the overflow valve and I find myself craving art of some kind. I start looking at things to make. Luckily writing also works as a release. I find putting words on a screen just as fulfilling as putting paint on paper.

I am all out of my normal sync. It feels like everything has changed in the last six months. I have no patterns. For some reason things just feel scary and wrong. 

I feel like it is time to start creating new patterns now. I did start running again and within hours I started feeling better. I started doing arm weights as well. Just 20 minutes four times a week and I already have some strength back. It doesn’t take much, it just takes actually doing it.

I feel so much better mentally after my last CT Scan. I will feel even better after I see the actual report.  I just don’t trust things I am told my the medical people until I see it for myself. Everyone can make mistakes, even the very best people.

All of the news stories, the #MeToo and the ongoing WhiteHouse debacle make me feel like I should tell my stories, but to what end? 

I think instead it is more important to just be vocal and supportive

I am exhausted! I didn’t sleep well and my ass of a cat wanted to be up and fed so early. He was particularly obnoxious this morning. He threw his food bowl, then did all of his normal beating on everything in my bedroom, then he added opening all of the drawers in my nightstand and throwing things out of them. I got up to throw him of the bedroom and he ran in the dog crate so I couldn’t reach him. ASS!

It’s funny, I feel like I have really important things to say but I am blocking it. Maybe I am just too tired today. I am things to do but I am still laying in bed. My heart feels like it is pumping too hard, and my head feels fuzzy. OMFG! I am WHINEY!

Oh and my allergy pills rolled away somewhere and I cannot find them. 



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