Purple Haze

I am loving my new phone (Droid MAXX) but as my husband pointed out I drop this one just as much as I dropped my other one. I decided to try a wallet type case for it so I bought this one:

Droid MAXX Wallet Case

I received it last night and I love it! As a matter of fact I love it so much I went back and ordered another one today. Hot Pink for case #2. You really can not beat the price ($8.00 w/shipping). Isn’t it cute? I really mostly wanted something with the strap on the side so I can anchor it to my hand like a helium balloon on a three year old, and the fold-over case will hopefully give me a little added protection.

I had a dream that I was in a hotel. It wasn’t open yet. This makes sense since yesterday I talked about hotels opening to a couple of different people.

I got in the elevator to go to my room which was either on floor three or five but the elevator was broken and it took me to the 9th floor. The doors opened and there were construction people there. The door then closed and dropped me down at an alarming rate to the first floor. The doors did not open and up I went to floor 9 again. The doors opened for just a second and some of the construction people got on the elevator with me. Before the elevator started it’s swoosh back down to one the head guy came over to me and encircled me with his arms to protect me from the fall.






3 thoughts on “Purple Haze

  1. Very cute. And useful. I want a new case for my Kindle Fire that isn’t has heavy as the one I have. When I travel, I carry it in my backpack and anything I can do to make that lighter…

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