Put your star where your mouth is.

My workout group has begun a 30 day challenge. Set goals, and meet them for 30 days.  My lovely trainer Michelle bought these fun calendars and stickers so everyone could mark their progress. I have four daily goals. As you can see, I have done well so far. I missed my first goal this morning. I am trying to eat something within one hour of waking up. I just couldn’t get myself together this morning and the only way to do that would have been to eat in the shower. So I did not get my 3rd morning star today. I missed it by about 20 minutes. But I still missed it. I don’t find any value in lying to myself and giving myself the star because I almost got it in on time.  My fourth star is for not eating after 20:30 at night so I don’t get that until the next morning.

My 30 Day challenge calendar
My 30 Day challenge calendar


This kind of thing works for me because I dislike failure and if I commit to something I will do my best to do it. Seeing the tangible proof daily is a motivator for me. Not everyone is the same.

I was thinking this morning about how much more effective other life choices could be if we did the same thing. Set up goals and record daily how you’ve done.  Chew your fingernails? A sticker for each day you don’t chew them.  Run out of patience too easily with your kids? A sticker for each day that you practice better techniques.

It’s about accountability. Don’t just say you want to do or be better, challenge yourself to do it, and follow through.

Had my lung CT w/contrast done yesterday. OOOO EEEE isn’t that dye fun for those few seconds! My arm is quiet sore from the IV. I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen before, or perhaps I just don’t remember. Also had a little drama before the CT scan as my doctor got a copy of my blood tests and was alarmed at my Kidney function. I forget regularly that I have Kidney disease. It just doesn’t affect my daily life as other things do. She had me test again and the results came back the same. I suspect I’ll be getting more regular kidney checks for awhile.  It’s always something right?


6 thoughts on “Put your star where your mouth is.

  1. Yes, the contrast makes people feel like you are going to let loose. They really should warn you about that.

    So I have thought a lot about this challenge. I am glad you are doing so well. It doesn’t surprise me. You are very goal oriented. I was thinking about how I wasn’t doing very well. I am not goal oriented but then I realized the goals weren’t right for me. Yes, they were things I needed to do but I really need to refine the goals to work for my circumstances. I am going to refine the goals. I am going to start on the first of the month. Where did you get the calendar?

    1. I am very goal oriented. In everything. That’s why when there is nothing going on at work I get nothing done. I need to have a beginning and an end. You do need to make the goals fit your life. If they aren’t achievable you’re just setting yourself up to not meet them and then not feel good about it.
      I think our trainer said she got the calendar at Walmart. It’s made by Post-It.
      I kind of miss Corey going on long trips just so I can set up some new goals for myself. 🙂 Naturopath appointment on wednesday!

  2. That kind of calendar really appeals to me but my cheap side has already printed out a blank calendar. Not as pretty but certainly cheaper. Thanks!

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