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I clench my teeth. Not so much when I am awake anymore, I taught myself to stop, but apparently I do it quite a bit when I am sleeping. My ENT and my dentist repeatedly ask me about treatment for TMJ. I don’t even really know what it is, or how it’s treated. I know it’s something about jaw alignment. I have a mouth guard for my clenching but it doesn’t fit quite right anymore. Need to adjust it. I usually spit it out half way through the night while I am sleeping. All of this to tell you that I knocked a cap off one tooth and now I have two loose teeth on the other side. I need to get my sleep under control!

I have been out and about so much the last few weeks. All kinds of fundraisers. Today I have a Look Good Feel Better which is put on by The American Cancer Society. I am hoping they will have some suggestions for my skin. At the least, they give me free stuff!

I have started working out again finally, which means I am so sore.

We had a little tif with a neighbor, no biggie, but it immediately made my husband and I start talking about moving! OMG, we’re such no conflict kind of people. We won’t move, but it’s always nice to have options. I wouldn’t mind moving again if we found another perfect place. I love my little condo but I also love change. πŸ™‚

I had something important to talk about but I’ll be damned if I remember what it was.

Just sitting here watching Fear the Walking Dead.

Did you watch The Orville last night? We liked it.

I would like to start dropping little food notes in The Cancer Connection newsletter. I wonder if they will let me?

We use Keurig KCups and a regular coffee maker. I discovered buying KCups is far less expensive if you order them directly from Keurig’s site. And if you order enough you get free shipping. So when I order, I get a lot. Today I got a coupon for two boxes free with the purchase of six, so that’s a savings of $30.00. I didn’t actually need KCups yet, but…OMG I am going to have a huge stock of coffee.

UHOH! My screen dimmed, I either have to change devices or be done blogging.

See ya!

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8 thoughts on “Ramble Ramble Ramble

  1. Tracy, I have the same clenching problem. I have sympathy because this year I knocked the same cap off twice and they told me it couldn’t be fixed. And then I knocked two more off. 2 were almost 20 year old root canals. so no fixing those, The other is a big molar. I hate my teeth, but I don’t want new (fake) ones either. πŸ˜€ I never was a clencher until I got my first crown. And then I had dreams about my teeth falling out. And my jaw often clicks which is a sign of TMJ. It’s been mentioned to me too, but never pressed so I never followed up on it. But I go to sleep trying to get my jaw in a relaxed position so I won’t clench. It doesn’t work.
    I’m sorry you’re having neighbor issues. I was in “town” today thinking that for the majority of my life I have not had to deal with neighbors. And the ones I have are great. It must be tough when they’re not. Hey, build a tiny house in your daughters’ yard! haha OR an RV it. You can move whenever you feel like it.

    1. I have so many crowns! The one that broke was an old crown that I broke off and they couldn’t fix. So they actually layered some filling material on top of it to keep away any infection risk and now I broke that! Only hong left is yank it. UHG
      I am going to go look up TMJ now!

  2. I clench my teeth too – and grind. When I go to the chiropractor, it always includes a jaw adjustment. I have heard of TMJ alignment treatment. Some people have even used it to help ‘cure’ tinnitus and alleviate meniere’s symptoms. I think it’s some kind of head brace.

    1. Can you imagine sleeping in a head brace? I went and looked it up and I definitely have the symptoms, I guess I will get a new guard and try again, why is everything such a pain in the ass?

  3. Oh my gosh, I do the clenching thing, too! I broke a tooth from it (again), and it got infected, so now I need a root canal and another cap, and I have already had two this year so it will be self-pay, which is not good considering I need surgery for a torn meniscus and I haven’t worked since Aug. 5! I wear an over-the counter thing too, but apparently I still manage to push it out of the way enough to grind those molars.

    Just finished watching The Orville a few minutes ago. I liked it enough to keep watching it, but I almost didn’t give it a chance because the reviews I read were so awful.

    I am sad because our “good” neighbors, who have been next to us since we moved here, are planning on selling soon. We have had an awful time with neighbors in our other side. There have been at least 7 owners/occupiers there in that same time period, with months at a time being empty (and unmowed). Neighbors can have such a huge impact.

  4. My husband was just talking about the horrible reviews. πŸ™
    I am sorry about your poor teeth. Doesn’t it seem like we should have made more headway in finding ways to protect our teeth by now?

    1. It does! Although I am grateful that at least there is pretty good pain relief. Wasn’t there buzz about tooth coatings at one time? I need rubberized chewing surface coatings! Then I wouldn’t have to worry about it. πŸ˜‰

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