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For most of my life I did not travel away from home. A decade or so ago my husband and I started doing small weekend road trips. Mostly we would go to other cities in Ohio and check out there zoos. It’s a nice way to find a place to go for a weekend. You have a destination and then you fill it other little treks around that destination. For us it was just a good break away. We’ve both been working since we were teenagers. Through three kids, yes I am aware that I only have two, but I also have a step-son wandering around out there somewhere so my husband has three, and many decades of scrambling to pay bills and buy food and not even trying to get ahead but just keep up it was a little luxury for us. We stay in decent hotels and enjoy the heck out of having someone else take care of things. We’ve been to Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton so we’ve hit all of the big cities in Ohio. I recommend that wherever you live you take a weekend trip to Dayton to spend a day, en entire day, at the Dayton Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson. It’s truly amazing. Oh, and let me know when you do and we’ll drive up and take you out for Pizza at Marion’s.

Then out trips started expanding. I have business trips to Texas and Iowa so my husband occasionally takes time off and comes with me. The capital building in Des Moines is beautiful. We also visited the Texas Book Repository in Dallas and walked the area around it. A lot of history there.

We’ve taken two trips to Niagara Falls. One before cancer and one after so I could see the fireworks. Niagara falls is best in warm weather. I think I would do that trip again just for the fun of walking around and seeing everything. It’s a heck of a tourist area on the Canadian side.

We took a trip to Washington DC that was exhausting and wonderful and horrible and just so much freaking walking when I was sick and didn’t know it. I would like to do that trip again. I think I’m about over the trauma of that particular exhaustion.

After cancer our travel upped a notch. Right after I finished with the whole surgery/chemo & radiation we took a trip to Flagstaff Arizona. That was our home point and then every day we drove a different direction to see sites. Sedona, the Grand Canyon, the old Volcano park with a name I can’t remember, the Meteor Crater, the observatory. That was a nice trip and I was happy to finally get to see parts of the world that I have missed. Sadly it was when I was still really unable to eat so I have a lot of memories of just being sick and sad.

Oh, of course we’ve been to Vegas three or four times. We like Vegas. 🙂

We’ve also had some great trips to Florida! Florida was starting to feel like our second home. This year we are skipping our January/February flee to someplace warm with a beach to save up money & days for our April European trek. I miss it already.

We also had the California trip. That was just beautiful and far to short. There was so much to see and so little time. A drive down the Pacific Coast Highway is something everyone should do in their lifetime. Just beautiful.

Same for the Boston Baseball trip. We will definitely plan another trip back to Boston and stay for a few days to explore more. It was so quick and so filled with other side trips. The days in Cooperstown were a nice break.

We have squeezed in a lot of vacation in the last two years. Lots and lots. This trip down memory lane this morning started because I was listening to the TV and they were talking about a woman who had traveled around the world adventuring with her husband for two years and after she came back she had a lot of trouble adjusting to the real day to day world of working, and family and life and now is missing. I get that.

Let’s go find some random pictures of travel to throw in here now. 🙂 I’m on a new computer so all of the pictures are from a sync I did with my phone.








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7 thoughts on “Ramblin Man

  1. I think I met you on your first Florida trip. I may have missed some of it during 2012, I wasn’t online much. I don’t think I’ll forget Boston. You have definitely been a Travelin’ Ma’am

  2. Craig and David wanted to go to Dayton for a Hamfest. Never did that though. I would like that Arizona trip. I’d also like to go to Colorado.

    I think it is so wonderful that you two have traveled so much. I’m excited about the Paris trip.

    I think it was great that you were able to meet Tami on the Boston/New York trip.

    Of course, I always like when you come to Chicago. 😀

    1. I’m excited about the Paris trip too!
      I bet about every 8 weeks or so I think, hmmm, maybe I should drive up to Chicago for a couple of days. 🙂

      1. This past weekend some of my extended family went to a place called Pokegon, which is pronounced Poke hay gun. It is around Angola, Indiana which is, I think, an hour from you. I wanted to go (not because I wanted to hang around with my family) but because I thought I might be able to see you. Guess who didn’t want to go. Craig. But then I said well, I will go. He said how will get there? I said I will ride with one of the family then he said I (he) will go. ARGH! I knew he did not want to go. He was not happy with me going by myself either. I just couldn’t win. It was weird and I knew it would be a big fight so I didn’t go. I was mad because he never was like that before. He usually will put up with my family but nope, he was just not going. So anyway, I was bummed because I felt like I missed an opportunity to hang out.

    1. The nice thing about road trips is you can set your schedule. The journey is as important as the destination. So yes, I think you do!

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