Numbers Randomness

How often do your favorite numbers get drawn in the lottery?

Our lottery website has a spot where you can plug in numbers and see how often then win. I don’t know what made me do it but I plugged in my birthdate

Not so lucky

So that would have been a bust. I think it costs a dollar a ticket – so if you bought a ticket every day $365 x 2 – yikes.

So how about my address?

Oooo – Okay -Looking good!

That looks more like it, right? Except again $365 x 2 – Not quite so profitable when you think about it that way.

Then I went for the straight 1234


Look how often it won in 2018. Of course, it looks like so many people play those numbers that you don’t win enough to make it worthwhile – because the total there is $1200  – and again $365 x 2 years. I guess it is at least a profit with these numbers but you would have to know exactly when to stop playing to keep a profit.

I think I will start plugging in every combination of number until I find the magic one. I’ll let you know when I’m done.


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