Randomness upon first waking up

This morning I am bemoaning two things. Soreness in every muscle, tendon, joint between my knees & waist and the fact that I have had so much salt in the last two days that last night I must have gotten up at least four times to go to the bathroom. I feel much less swollen now but tired!

I started thinking this morning about people who are older or in very bad physical condition. I wonder if there comes a point when they stop eating or drinking just so they do not have to stand up as much?

That would be a terrible reason for a sudden decline but if you do not get enough water or enough calories your health will decline so fast. I bet this happens. That makes me sad.

This is the whole reason I wanted a bluetooth keyboard, so when I have these weird random thoughts I can put them down. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Randomness upon first waking up

  1. That’s what happened ultimately with W’s dad. His dehydration was directly related to the series of strokes he suffered prior to eventually passing away. That was a long slow slide. He was a very manly man and didn’t want to wear depends, but didn’t want to have any accidents, so stopped drinking water, stopped eating, and eventually just became really ill in a cycle of strokes and UTI’s. He was only 88, and probably still could have kept going pretty strong for awhile. He was looking for wife #3 til the end. I have a bluetooth keyboard for our smart tv, that we’ve only rarely used – I bet it would work with my kindle! never thought of that!

    1. That is sad. About W’s dad, not about you being anonymous. A couple of times in my life I have gotten very sick and stopped caring. I did not eat or drink, I just slept. I think I can understand how that can become extreme.

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