Read the WHOLE email

Dear People who don’t read the whole email,

I never got a call from Radiology to schedule the CT for kidney stones and my side is hurting particularly bad today so I called bright and early and said “my name is Tracy Murray, Last Tuesday my doctor ordered a CT for investigating Kidney Stones, I have not heard from you so I wanted to check and make sure there was no problem with insurance approval”

Leaving out all my responses, because they are all in my first sentence.

Them: Let me check….What’s your name?

Them: Yes, we’ve got the order but it’s not until March for Abdomen/Pelvis (my standard quarterly one)

Them: Oh…No. We don’t have one for kidney.

Call My Dr’s office.

Yes, this is Tracy Murray. I saw Dr K last Tuesday and he ordered a CT for my kidneys looking for Kidney Stones. I Called Radiology and they do not have the order.

Them: Yes they do, they just can’t see it because it’s waiting for insurance approval.

Me: No – they can see it when it’s waiting for approval. They do not have it.

Them: Oh – that’s because it’s not due until March.

Me. NO – this is an extra one to check for Kidney stones.

Them: – Oh yes I see that one was ordered last Tuesday by Dr K. – we’ll send it over again.

Sigh…..Pet Peeves.

Listen to what the person is telling you, just like read the whole email before you respond.


Whiny and just want to make sure it’s nothing besides stones 


4 thoughts on “Read the WHOLE email

  1. And why in the world should you have to wait around in pain??? That is terrible. I am so sorry. Can you take something for the pain while you wait?

    1. Probably but then I wouldn’t have a good reason to whine. 🙂
      It really doesn’t hurt that bad, it’s just sometimes when I move it’s aggravating. Or Breathe. Or sit wrong. Or stand too long… haha.. No, really. It doesn’t hurt that much anymore. It’s just annoying to not know for sure.
      If it’s not a kidney stone and it’s just an ongoing muscle or cartilage thing then I will keep resting it. If it’s a kidney stone then movement is supposed to help.
      I don’t know..what was the question?

  2. Ugh, so aggravating and SO TYPICAL. You will probably need to do that all over again. We have had the worst experiences trying to schedule scans. But right now we are fighting the whole In Network Hospital using providers that are not In Network, in the Emergency Room. So, a $40 charge may possibly be a $1200 charge instead, depending on if the doctor accepts the insurance company’s offer (they thought changing our portion to around $340.00 was fair) or not. If the doc does not accept, it’s all on us. So far we have not heard any more from the doctor, and our insurance profit changed this year, so that’s fun. Good luck!

  3. How annoying! Seems everything is like that today. I was trying to help my son on the market place. Ok, now I get why ppl hate it. It’s like doing taxes except with more proof of everything turned in. Again and again…or applying for medicaid for a 97 year old. It seems they have to make it just as complicated as possible. Idk how ppl do it who are really really sick or have any brain issues at all. Just Grrrrr. Orders for medical tests should be the one thing where you shouldn’t have to go through this crap.

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