Last night it looked like we had some sort of drunken animal bacchanal.



New couch will will be here tomorrow so they can readjust. My animals do not like furniture changes.

Yesterday was a lovely day.

i got up and drank my coffee and then didn’t sit down again till 8pm. I was so tired. I am just not used to that anymore,


I got on the treadmill and ran a mile. Just ran it, no intervals. It was good.

Then I went to the gym for the first time in four weeks. I gave it everything. AND I could breathe the whole time! All the running has definitely paid off. So back on the treadmill/gym schedule again. But OMG I am so so sore.

Got ready for family arrival!

Got a beautiful bracelet from my husband. To make it awesome x2 this bracelet (too lazy to get into a lit room to take pictures) was my daughters learning experience in making fine jewelry! She works at a jewelry store and she bought the stone and then the jewelry designer worked with her to help her make me a beautiful bracelet. Her bosses and coworkers are so nice. It’s really like a present from them too.

Just before everyone was due to arrive I let Dusty off her chain to play with the neighbor dog, and of course that’s when everyone arrived. Only one scary moment m when my daughter showed up with her newly made Birthday cake. Dusty loves Katy and we had some close calls.

chaos and fun for dinner time, my food was not good. Sad experiments. 🙁

You know it’s a good time when you can say this song was played:

and then the rain rolled in,

we just picked up one of the tables and moved everything inside.

My sister and niece picked up a lovely backpack and supplies for me so if I can  ever convince cancer patients to let me help them, I am ready!

A thunderstorm rolled through and then off to a much needed early night of sleep.

A good day.