I feel off balance. Not physically, like usual, but mentally. I feel like we are in the beginnings of a change. I am not even sure who we is at this point but WE are waiting for something.

Maybe it is just the opposite, maybe I am craving change. I do love change.

I cannot remember a Spring that has been this cool. It is forecasted in the 70s today and it is really only a handful of days that we have been that warm. I have not even worn a pair of shorts yet.

My daughter gave me one of her cameras and a lens for distance photos but it has just been too damn cold and windy for me. I am excited to play with it out in the world instead of just my backyard.

I see this scrolling on my television as I type this; ”Protest Erupts at Vigil” “Students storm out of School”

GOOD. Stand up and make yourself heard. There is both safety and power in numbers.

I wish I could take a picture of how I see now and then another one after the cataract surgery. I am worried that I will not really see the difference and therefore not fully appreciate it. Oh it was not until I typed it that I realized how true that is. I want that high of seeing the change. I am a something junkie, not adrenaline, not adventure, hmmmm maybe this all goes back to change. i am a change junkie?

Also two 3am headaches in the last month since I started the magnesium and taking care of my head before bed. Beats the hell out of the one a day headache I was having. Now if I could find a way to actually stop clenching my teeth when I sleep instead of just mitigating the damage.




4 thoughts on “Rehashing

  1. It’s great that you enjoy change! Things change all the time. I always thought it weird but kind of fascinating to think of all the skin cells that are changing everyday. So every day, we are just a little bit of a completely new person. I once read that we are a completely different person within seven years! That seems like slow body-snatcher stuff to me! I wish I could be easier with change, myself.

    It has been cool, which has been a blessing for Walk/Run Club. Last night was hot, and I realized that my current deodorant has given up the fight completely when I get that hot. On the hunt for something that will keep working!

    Well, there; change that I effect myself is scary but not as much as Wild unforeseen change. I can’t believe I joined a club (only 8 weeks, but still), the people are nice, I made a friend (maybe; we have done two fun outings together so far, with a third planned next month), with the possibility of more, as a group of us may try to continue walking this summer until the club starts again officially in the Fall.

    I guess change can be good! I hope you find your change and it is a plus!

    I have enjoyed your photos. I need to get my “real” camera out again. I have been relying on my phone just because it is easy, but seeing how much better the photos can be makes me itch to take it up again.

    1. Thank you. I have no illusions or desire to be a “photographer”. I just like seeing things that I like in another format. Something about sharing my view I think.
      I am so glad that club is working out for you! I think it is so easy to get isolated in our own lives, we have to make the effort to step out and be a part of other peoples. I cannot believe the difference in my life since I made that choice, gee, like ten years ago maybe? The amazing people I have met and experiences I have had. Not all of them good, but all of them memorable.

    2. Susan I always enjoy reading what you have to say – even if it is not directed at me! 😀

      I can’t tell you how excited I am that you enjoined the club!!!! And that you have made a friend there! You are such a kind, fun person and if I lived closer, I know we would enjoy spending time together.

  2. Tracy I think it is change and challenge – something to shake things up.

    I will be interested in how the cataract surgery goes. I apparently have cataracts in both of my eyes. Last year when I saw my opthamologist he asked me if they were bothering me, I laughed to myself, I had forgotten I had them. People keep telling me my vision is bad but I only really notice it with reading.

    I am glad you are having fewer headaches. I hope you get to the point where you don’t have any.

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