Richard Simmons

I am fascinated by the Missing Richard Simmons podcast, I just want to call him and tell him it will be okay. Of course, I am only on the episode four, maybe he doesn’t need my encouragement.

i could use his encouragement. I am just feeling beat up on his week. I have some sort of random sickness going plus tonight my arm itching turned on full blast and my insides are suddenly terribly angry,  No food is sitting right. All of this has made me unbelievably tired, the other day I was awake for about three hours and suddenly fell asleep sitting on the couch. This is very unusual for me. If I hadn’t recently gotten scammed I would be very very worried .

i wish I didn’t have to worry about everyone. But I do. Even people I barely know. I want to fix everything for everyone.

last night I had very bizarre detailed dreams. I expect the same tonight because I am filled with drugs and alcohol to help with The itching.

i wish it would be warm and wonderful tomorrow. I will probably take the dog to daycare and go do something to get myself out of the house and her some running. I will save a fortune when it gets warm.  Unless I feel bad tomorrow. Then I will just be annoyed. Maybe I will go to the mall and shop for a new bedspread,

Sleep well.




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