Normally I think my brain thrives on multitasking. This week something changed and I am just happily plodding along on one cylinder. I have a dozen tabs opened in chrome for some research I am doing. Well, I guess for some research I am not actually doing. I just keep thinking I will do it tomorrow.

it used to be when I pushed myself it was mostly out of fear that if I didn’t I would slide back into behaviors I didn’t want to have become patterns again. These days I am more, eh…..I will get back there.

Went to the oncologist and expressed my annoyance at ALL the side effects! My NP mentioned to me that the first dose of this drug was a loading dose! I forgot about this little trick of chemo! So next time lower dose, also will hopefully have a lower or no dose of steroids.

I hav started coughing recently and then the NP said she was hearing something in my lungs. So..that’s going to be making me pay attention for a few days. But, you know, I did just have high dose radiation to my lungs. They have to be a little pissed off.

I have been lucky enough to meet a bevy of new wonderful women In The last couple of weeks. Makes me feel stronger and better able to cope with things.

Ordered a new (refurbished) laptop so that will be fun next week. My little guy just can’t cope with all the web work wecently.

Tomorrow I will be thinking about my friend as she says goodbye to her brother. My heart aches for her. I cannot imagine losing a sibling.

a little dusty and Frank to end the evening




1 thought on “Riffraff

  1. Look at me, commenting on my own post. Think of it as part 2. I am getting really frustrated with how quickly time goes by. Every night I have so many things that I wanted to do and didn’t get done to think about. Little things, big things, fun things, important things. Why is time running so fast?
    I listened to the summary of the history of everything and they explained space time to me. It is definitely slipping by and going faster than it should. I don’t think my speed is the problem. If I slowed down anymore I would be standing still.
    I still get angry when I hear people wish away time. If you don’t want it, I’ll take it!