Round number 6: DONE

I went looking for an image to explain how truly disgusting unpleasant chemo Friday is but instead found this:


Yup. That’s pretty true.

Today was the end of round six.

That’s 18 Topotecan, 6 Taxol, and 5 Avastin treatments.

I have one more round scheduled in February, and then another CT scan.

Oh, I like the way my sentences formatted: one longer than the next to form a lovely slant.

It has occurred to me that it will only look that way to me on this editing screen. Your loss, I’m afraid!


Todays story of what chemo fatigue means to me needs an explanation of my clothing. I was wearing a pair of sweats, a bra, a thermal shirt, and then a flannel shirt on top of the thermal. I was laying in bed thinking how lovely a nap sounded and I realized my bra was digging into my side. I did not have the energy to get out of bed and take off the layers to get to the bra so then I started looking on my bedside shelf for a cutting implement. It seemed so logical to me to just cut the bra off. I am so glad I didn’t find anything!

Tomorrow is Saturday, so now we start the upswing. πŸ™‚

I can now officially and out loud say, one more week of employment.

I appreciate how many people encourage me at the down times. It really does help. Don’t stop, even if I get to sick to appreciate it.


4 thoughts on “Round number 6: DONE

  1. The slant showed up. Very nice formatting.

    That is a hell of a lot of poison to process through your body. I can’t even imagine how you must feel. I am constantly impressed with how you are holding up. I can’t wrap my mind around how you must feel.

    Wow – I am so happy that the job is almost done. That will be such a relief not to have to worry about that or feel guilty anymore.

    Hang in there! Love and hugs!

    1. For some reason, I cannot explain why, it always makes me smile when you use a curse word, even if it is just hell, in print. πŸ™‚
      I am happy to say I have made it through the worse now and am hopeful for Monday!

  2. If I was not married to Craig, I would use many more swear words. He has not ever asked me not to swear but I know he doesn’t enjoy hearing it. I guess he is kind of old fashioned that way. I have a nasty mouth. I am a fan of stringing a bunch of awful words together and making creative combinations. As you can probably guess, he rarely swears. The kids on the other hand swear a bunch and they are not at all shy to swear in front of us.

    I am glad the worst is over. I hope Monday is amazing.

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