Sailing….take me away…

I feel like I am just fading away. 🙁

I am still losing weight because most days I just feel too weak to eat. I had a few perfectly wonderful days last week so I thought things were all good, but it’s all gone terribly wrong since then. I have a fever almost every day. Last night about 5:00 the familiar chills started and this time it made it up to 104. Miserable all night. Fever finally broke about 5am. I am glad I am going to the doctor tomorrow. I am just so weak and pathetic. I have trouble walking up my own stairs.

And my lungs burn. Oh, how they burn. He better fix this!

I have made it through selling three of my four fitbits. one more to go!  The three paid for my new Garmin so the fourth one is fine to not worry about. Selling things on FB should be taught as a life skill.

I haven’t really gotten out of bed yet today. Watched all my DVR’d stuff. Thinking about taking a nap.





6 thoughts on “Sailing….take me away…

    1. I go today. I skipped two of my meds for the last two days and I feel 900% better! So at least I know what the culprit is.

  1. I finally figured out a way to comment. I clicked on bitching and I was able to get through that way.

    Well, I sure was disappointed to read this. I certainly hope he has some good ideas today. Let us know.

    1. It’s very frustrating. The blog, I mean. There is an update available but it won’t let me do it. I should contact my webmaster and make her fix it.

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