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it’s weird to say that knowing how much time I spend just sitting reading or watching television or staring out the window but I am starting to obsessively think about going on vacation. I just want to  relax and think of nothing important and laugh and get warm.

I find myself having to bite my tongue on a regular basis (and not just because it’s gone numb from the neuropathy) to avoid saying something mean to people who probably don’t deserve it. I have just straight up run out of patience.

I am going to the movies today with my husband and my sister. Spending time with the two of them always makes me feel better.

I did not buy many Christmas presents this year, and I am perfectly happily okay with that.  Especially since I have not wrapped any yet. I will do that tonight with my traditional present wrapping bottle of wine. Life is good.

I want to bleach the stubble on my head. There isn’t much of it, but I want it to be light colored. I can’t figure out how to do this easily. I’ve only ever used a whole head hair coloring kit. I certainly don’t want that. My sister suggested peroxide but either I have bad peroxide or my hair is somehow peroxide resistant. I was thinking about a facial hair bleaching kit. I really only need a little tiny bit. I wonder if you can buy a bleaching kit that you don’t have to use the whole thing each time?




4 thoughts on “Saturday Stuff

  1. Will you get to go to Florida this spring? I think laying on a beach in the sun sounds wonderful.

    I would imagine all of this medical stuff gets very tiring. I hope you get to somewhere soon.

    Certainly either you or Erin or her daughters must know someone who does hair at home, maybe they would have advice or will even do it for you.

  2. Is it coming in dark? I was thinking same as Nina. I bet a Beauty supply shop could help. I love the thought of a warm sunny vacation with lots of laughing!

    1. My natural hair color is actually a very dark, flat brown! My skin is very very pale so the dark hairs look bad. They’re so sparse they look like the stubble on legs that need shaving. I don’t want to start shaving my head, so I thought I just lighten them, I’ll be happy and they’ll be rewarded for growing. 🙂
      I think I will head out to our local beauty supply place and see what they can offer me.

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