Scan Results



You know how much I love to share my medical images!

When I had my CT Scan done I got the copy  on disc as I almost always do. I didn’t say anything about the results because frankly I could not interpret them. My tumor/scar tissue looks so different from the last CT I had done that I really didn’t know what I was looking at.

My doctor had one of the chemo nurses call me as soon as he got the results yesterday afternoon. 

The report says that the tumor site has shrunk and no new suspicious areas. Also something about more scar tissue. So probably everything you are seeing here is scar tissue. Which explains why it hurts so much to breathe! So, I will run as hard and as much as I can and break that bastard scar tissue up.

I will get the actual report next week and see if it says anything else. Sometimes the Dr’s office skims. 

I ran pretty well this morning. 🙂 Some of that is psychological I am sure. Once you know the pain isn’t from a cancerous tumor trying to eat it’s way out of you, things are a little easier.




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