Secrets about my husband (even he doesn’t know this)

Through all of our married life my husband had been in charge of bedding. He likes certain sheets and blankets and pillowcases. I buy them, but they must be ones he likes or he won’t use them. This is fine because he likes high quality cotton bedding and so do I!

He also has been in charge of washing the bedding. It isn’t like an assigned chore or anything, he just took it over and it became his. Last year when I quit work I started making the bed every morning (yeah, whatever, don’t judge. It’s true, I never made our bed, we lived like animals in an unmade bed). I still make the bed every morning. Well, almost every morning. I skip one morning a week or so. As I transitioned into this new bed making role, I also started washing the bedding.Since my husband is so particular about his sheets I don’t change to different bedding, I wash the same bedding and put it back on. Always during the week, when my husband is at work. My husband about once a month will pull all the bedding off the bed while I am at the gym on a Saturday morning and wash it all. Again. I have never said a word. I like that he does it. The only time it’s weird is if I just washed them the day before.

When someone washes the dishes in the dishwasher we have a little magnet (my Glynda magnet) but I just don’t have the same thing for the bed.









Next time we’ll talk about the bathroom towels.


3 thoughts on “Secrets about my husband (even he doesn’t know this)

  1. Hahahahaha….what you don’t know about your friends 😀 Btw…I love like a heathen and don’t make my bed every day…if it weren’t for Phils need to have the bed spread and sheets straightened every morning, I would be sleeping on a bare mattress. Don’t judge.

    1. I am SHOCKED! I am really and truly surprised. You just seem like someone who has a perfectly in order bedroom AT ALL TIMES!
      I think I love you even more now.

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