Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery Socks

Fun things that happen when your husband stays in hotels for extended lengths of time
Husband: I seem to have taken a pair of your socks to Mexico with me. I will wash them or maybe throw them out. They look pretty grimy
Me: Show Me
Husband gives socks to dog to bring to me
Me: Those aren’t my socks
Husband: What?
Me: Did you have your laundry done at the hotel?
Husband: Yes
Me: They gave you someone else’s socks.

I personally find this very intriguing and the thought of keeping some other travelers socks, and wearing them makes me smile. After being properly washed of course


Cancer Update

Today is recovery day after New Chemo Drug Kadcyla treatment #2. I have a little steroid rush going. Not enough sleep. I will try not to do too much today. Hopefully tomorrow will be the end of the recovery.

Treatment #2 was only 30 minutes. I was in and out of the chemo lounge in 70 minutes. This is a nice change from the three plus hours for the last three years. My blood work has lots and lots of extra red blood cells. Why? I do not know.

Chemo nurse Amanda (who is also an amazing wedding photographer) also said I was down eight pounds. Food poisoning related, not cancer.

I am going to start using the drug names more frequently because Kadcyla is a newer but very effect drug. The problem for me is that it is only approved for Metastatic Breast cancer, which as we know, I do not have. We received another denial of coverage for it from the insurance company yesterday. Thank goodness for the programs offered by the drug companies. Genentech is giving me the drug for now.

I am having lung problems. I have started coughing, and my lung is burning. I just do not know anymore. Maybe it will always be this way? My next CT scan should be in six weeks or so. I think. I believe that will be a stressful time. They call it Scanxiety.

I just looked up and there are four giant Blue Jays on my back fence. Sorry for the bad picture, I don’t want to stand up. 🙂

As I was uploading the photo and thinking I should stand up and get a better picture they all scrambled. I am guessing Max the cat is up and about.


2 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery Socks

  1. Uh oh, yet another way to lose socks!

    Insurance companies are just too weird. We recently got letters that stated that if we were identified as (insurance-speak for make no too many claims last year but posed as the insurance company being concerned and reaching out to us), then we would need to call them and complete some programs, and if we did not do this, it could cost us as much as an extra $50 a month each for insurance. But…we did not receive such a letter. A call to the insurance company could not give us an answer as to whether we were required to do any programs or not, but of course once they have you on the line…Makes me furious over how much control they have. They tell the doctor what tests you can have, instead of you and the doctor making that determination. And it just makes me uneasy dealing with them at all.

    I am just glad the drug company is working with you!

    Oh, and I meant to comment on the video stream from the pet lady – good information about the bells! Because my daughter has had the same problems with her dog, but they indulge her. This causes problems when she comes here. When it’s cold, I would rather not stand outside in the cold/dark for an hour because she wants to listen to the wind. We have to leash her because we don’t have a good fence, but I sure wish they had trained her to that three-minute rule!!!

    1. I am so glad you got to see some of the video! Amanda is an amazing trainer. I am sorry she had problems with her livestream. It is always a problem with Dusty and going outside. I love for her to be able to go outside and spend time, and she loves the snow so much but I just cannot be out there as much as she can.
      INSURANCE COMPANIES! I know what you mean about the programs. Our old insurance company used to do that with my husband because of his heart problems. It would be nice if they were actually concerned.

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