Shhh the beagle is sleeping in today.

It has been a week of almosts. Things have been just not quite right. Nothing terrible or crisisy, but not firing on all cylinders. Yesterday is an excellent example. It was a spectacularly beautiful day.   My plan was to go visit a place called Schedel Gardens. I have never been and it has been on my to do list for two years. It was cleaners day. They usually come after lunch around 12:30 and stay for an hour. So perfect. Except, I was sick. Just the oh, I ate healthy food this week and my body is pissed off sick.No worries, a pill an hour to try and stabilize. And then I waited for the cleaners. Who came at 2:15 instead of 12:30. I could have left, I do not need to be here for cleaners it was just part of my plan. I mean it worked out for the best because I could not have made the 40 minute drive earlier. So I finally hit the turnpike at 3:25. I get to the gardens at 4:01 to find out they close the gates at 4:00! It never occurred to me to check the hours. I was thinking it was a park, it would be open. Drove home.

That was my whole week. Lots of fun good stuff with near misses.

I have been working hard on the treadmill to build my endurance. I think I will take a break today. My hips are requesting a day off! Today is my daughters housewarming party,I am really looking forward to that. Just sitting and chatting with various and assorted people. Good stuff.



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