It’s going to be a quiet day today.  I went out for a wonderful dinner and ate like a little pig. Quite a bit of the food falls into the category of things I shouldn’t eat and so today will be filled with a lot of drugs and a lot of water. As of right this moment, I think it was worth it!



My husband and I drove up to Belle Isle park and visited the aquarium and the conservatory. Quite small, but very interesting. I wish it had been 10 degrees warmer so we could have enjoyed walking along the shore line. It’s fun to stand in a spot and take a picture of the river and realize you are seeing two different countries.



Just some random things I liked:



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WP_003928 WP_003937




2 thoughts on “shhhhh

  1. I hope your tum-tum is okay today.

    Wow – I love that green ceiling. What was that made out of???

    It looks like a lovely outing.

  2. It was a very lovely outing. Not too long, but still nice. The ceiling was made of either glass or ceramic tile. Very striking. It was a strange little aquarium!

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