shhhhhh_don’t tell anyone…..

….but I am still in bed..

Last night was the best nights sleep I’ve gotten in awhile and my house is cold, and my bed is warm.

I have not adjusted to not working yet. Every day I feel like I am panicking to get things done before I run out of time. It’s the common problem with people who work full time and then take a vacation week and stay home. It is always a big countdown.  I hope at some point I relax!

Today is dutch oven inaugural cooking day! Yay! Stew. I bought frozen biscuit dough so I can have them with my stew.

Tomorrow I am going to a yoga workshop which will be nice. Every muscle in body needs a good stretch and then relax.

My backyard is full of little footprints. I am curious to see what animal it was, but not curious enough to go outside!

Once I get out of bed I flip off the television and I do not turn it on again. Yesterday I didn’t have breakfast until about 11 and I flipped on the television while I ate. Sucks the minutes right away!  I like having my music playing all day. Makes me want to dance and sing around the house. I have turned my husbands PC into my media computer because it’s in a central location. I’m sure he’s thrilled.

All right, time to get up!




3 thoughts on “shhhhhh_don’t tell anyone…..

  1. I suppose you have been working for decades, it will take awhile to adjust to your new lifestyle.

    Have fun with your new dutch oven. I have heard that you can take frozen biscuits, quarter them and toss them into your stew at the end and then have dumplings.

    Yay for the yoga workshop! Sounds like that is right up your alley.

    I don’t have that problem with the TV, my issue is with the computer. I know part of it is I feel the need to connect with people. I really have to just give up on that because so many of the folks I used to connect with just aren’t online much these days.

    It is always interesting trying to figure out the footprints in the snow.

    Have a great cooking day!

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