Shout it till they listen

I may double post this because it is important.

I have Cervical Cancer. I was never ashamed or hesitant to say it was Cervical Cancer.

When I was first diagnosed I had no idea there was such a negative connotation to cervical cancer because of HPV*. I am in many online support groups and forums and about once a month someone asks whether there is cervical cancer without HPV and me and a dozen other people answer that we are HPV negative but do have cervical cancer and then all hell breaks loose. People get very defensive and often I am told that I probably do have HPV but it was dormant when tested. Even my own Oncologist did follow up tests because HPV is so prevalent that I would have been easier to treat had I HPV in my system. The statistics I read are that 99% of Cervical Cancers are from HPV.

You probably think I am going to rant about the vaccine now I am not. There are enough television commercials for that.

This is what I want you to remember;

Many sexually active women and men will contract HPV at some point in their lifetime. Most will never even know it. Usually, this virus does not cause any symptoms and doesn’t cause disease. Often, the body can clear HPV infection on its own within two years or less.

The percent of sexually active adults who will NOT contract HPV is less than those who will. It is time to stop being defensive and ashamed, People have sex! Most people have more than one partner. Hell, most people these days have more than one spouse in their lifetime! It is a virus and it is so easy to contract and spread. It is like the freaking flu.

The average age of diagnosis for cervical cancer is 47.  How many women are divorced by 47. A LOT!

Honestly what I really want to say when the women start the defensive bickering is grow up!!



*I had one person in my life who commented on how much better it was that I didn’t have HPV. They meant it as a social comment, not a health one. If I had HPV I would have had a much easier go of it most likely because the Cervical Cancer treatments would have worked and we would have been done with this in round one instead of having to wait till I hit stage 4 to find an effective treatment.



2 thoughts on “Shout it till they listen

  1. Well…I’ve been in the dark….I had no idea HPV wa so relevant. When my daughter started college I remember giving permission for the menengitis shot and I think HPV. Yes. You need to repeat….I’m going to share it too.

    1. Thank you. Why are women still so guarded about the fact that they have had SEX! Some of these women have children. Do they think , we think, it was invitro fertilization or immaculate conception?

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