Silverware…..Silverware….It’s Christmas Time, in the city.

Earlier this year when my husband spent a lot of time in China he bought a fork. When you stay in a hotel room for more than a couple of days you tend to accumulate food. Most of his food required a fork to eat, which he never had. He eventually stopped at a store and bought a fork.

After he came home I threw the fork in our fork slot in the drawer. After a couple of weeks I realized I was picking that fork to eat with whenever I saw it. I just thought it was kind of cool. So when he went to Scotland I asked him to bring me a fork. I was too subtle so he did not. I was not as subtle when he went on this last trip. He brought me home a set of silverware from the hotel in France and then he also stopped and picked me up the cutest little set of cutlery! I used it for my dinner last night.


I think the most interesting thing is that all of the silverware from France is small.






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