Sleep perchance to dream

SURPRISE! Dreamed about a puppy. This was a sweet little bear face puppy. We had a dog named Max and she had that little brown bear face. Adorable. I resent Corey not getting the puppy he wants when he wants it. He’s a simple guy with few needs or wants and when he wants something he deserves to have it. I want everything so I am okay with missing out on a few things. If you only want one thing? Well there you go.

I ran my full mile instead of freaking out at 9/10’s. It’s because I was angry. I m still freaked out though. :(. We are doing a full CT Scan in a couple of weeks. We haven’t done that in a very long time, we’ve only been watching my lungs. That will relieve some worry. There is always that niggling fear that while we’re watching my lungs  and celebrating the shrinking tumors there is a nasty mass growing somewhere that we’re not watching. It is exhausting being ever vigilant.

I ate something I shouldn’t have the other day so my intestines have gone into full inflammation, you better only have liquids, mode. On top of that my Perjeta side effect of the stinging itch has gone crazy the last couple of weeks and the neuropathy in my hands is extreme. Driving has become quite a challenge because the steering wheel is just causing a lot of pain. It’s really been a stressful couple of weeks healthwise. I have been sick for so long I don’t think anyone really hears me anymore. I need to find more people to whine at.

I think I am just feeling extra sorry for myself lately. Fall must be coming. I love fall but it always seems to bring a lot of high emotions for me.

Time to get out of bed!

Let’s find a picture on our phone to finish with.


It’s not like a surprise that’s it’s Frank is it?






2 thoughts on “Sleep perchance to dream

  1. You never whine. So just the pressure of the steering wheel or wrapping your fingers around it? Not in any degree that you have endured but I kind of get the “other shoe to drop” thing about scans and what’s next!

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