Sleepy morning

everyone is still curled up in their various places. I don’t know why the animals are feeling so lazy, mine is from Benadryl. 🙂

i have a full schedule the next few days.  Tonight I have a few women coming over for tacos and euchre, I made a cake so hopefully that will be good. Funny to not know beforehand.

Friday I have chemo and hopefully getting an afternoon workout in. Then Friday night gym people are doing a little social gathering which I will try to be grave enough to stop by. Corey will be home Saturday and then Sunday I have a birthday yoga session for my friend Michelle and then later I have a lunch. Funny how I don’t do anything for months and the life schedules everything in a few days.

The nice thing is that it makes it easy to wake up and list the things to look forward to? 😀

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2 thoughts on “Sleepy morning

  1. That is one full schedule! Cakes are hard; I am always nervous when I take a cake for a dessert, just because you have no idea if it’s a disaster until it is cut and served! Hope yours was delicious and that all your events go well!

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