I have accidentally scheduled my day so that I can’t have a Lindsay workout today and I am thrown for a loop. It was already planned and I hate when I can’t do what I want,

i had a dream that I was having a secret affair with the president (not our current one, thank you very much) of the US and while at a press conference during which the FDA was announcing a new tomato blight, 90% of the worlds tomatoes would be stunted, a reporter saw me.

Yesterday I was thinking about Barry Manilow and this morning GMA is talking about him. Odd coincidence

Dusty was not good at class last night. She needs constant distraction in order to keep her from barking and being crazy, which makes it hard for me to listen. Oh! EPIPHANY Maybe I should completely ignore her for the next class and see what happens. I need to ask about this.

Did not sleep well, allergies are monstrous! I need to leave soon and I am still in bed drinking my tea.

I hate this stupid neulasta commercial.

This made me smile knowingly




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