SO glad it’s Monday

My weekend was exhausting!


My adult children and I went to the zoo. I think they mostly went to eat.



So eat they did!


I went to a sale at the building I use to work in. I miss this space.


This was my office. I had the entire front reception area including the fire escape door. Lovely.

The owner of the building had leased out the space to someone who owned a used furniture store. The tenant stopped paying and so he locked him out and took him to court. Imagine his surprise when he went to the building and discovered four floors filled with JUNK! This was definitely a hoarding situation.

This was the neatest portion of the place.


But most of it looked like this.

Piles and Piles of junk. It was amazing. My sister and I spent an hour just roaming and looking at stuff.   There is no way you can get the full effect of how much stuff there was. I can only ask that you picture your garage filled, floor to ceiling with a path through the middle than mutiply that by at least twenty times the space.

Then a quick dinner and then I went home and my son and I went shopping at Lowes. Paint, primer, supplies and new floor tiles.

This is my mothers day manicure. At least I didn't also get a pedicure
This is my mothers day manicure. At least I didn’t also get a pedicure


For mothers day my son and I worked. We emptied his room and then spent 9 hours scrubbing and scraping and cleaning and then priming.  We have stucco walls so my hands are so beat up. So many scrapes & cuts and paint.

All of his stuff is now scattered between the living room and our extra bedroom which is really my workout room and closet. So no treadmill or bike or PANTS until I finish. Luckily I haven’t done laundry all week so I have a basket full of dirty pants to wash. 🙂 Oddly he picked out colors that match the extra bedroom that I redid a couple of years ago. I don’t think he has even noticed.

I also have a lawn that must be mowed. If the grass dries out maybe tonight I will mow instead of paint so I’m done with that.



1 thought on “SO glad it’s Monday

  1. I thought it was so cool that the three of you went to the zoo together. Hey, even if it is for the food, the end result is time together and that is wonderful.

    The hoarding thing freaks me out a little bit. I guess because I can see how it could get out of control so easily. When I was younger, I had a friend whose mom was a hoarder. There were literally trails through the house because there was so much stuff.

    Awhile back, a couple groceries stores repainted their exteriors. We would drive by and Craig would tell me how much he didn’t like those colors. When he picked out a color to paint the inside of the garage, he picked a paint that was nearly the same. I guess things grow on you and you don’t even realize it.

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