Sometimes More is More

It is important to remember that it is not always about not eating something. Sometimes it is about making the effort to eat MORE!

When you feel your weight and health are not where they should be it is very easy to get into the habit of removing things from your daily diet. You stop eating the snacks, you stop adding butter, you reduce your portion size, but sometimes you need to add things.

Adding green leafy vegetables such as fresh 





spinach or an assortment of baby greens to every meal will give you an amazing amount of nutrients and help fill you up. It also gives your body a slow digesting food to work on for awhile to stop it from thinking it needs to eat again.

Adding a small apple as a snack between meals is a great source of natural sugar, fiber and vitamin C.





It will not weight you down and it will give you a boost of energy!

Fighting Disease is hard work for your body. You must give it a wide range of tools to use.

All the vegetables, All the fruits and all the grains. Fill up on these first.


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