Sometimes the medicine doesn’t work

In so many things.
It is easy for people to accept in theory. Sometimes the tylenol doesn’t get rid of a headache. Sometimes Immodium does not make you able to leave the house. Sometimes the heartworm medicine doesn’t kill all the little heartworm larvae in the mosquito bite. Sometimes the chemo drugs don’t work.
But when it hits them personally they get so angry. Suddenly that one in 100 statistic doesn’t seem right if they are the 1.

I am not talking about me and my chemo by the way, we’re still waiting to see what happens there!
I just feel bad for people who can’t get over that hurdle of I did what I was supposed to do, why did I still end up being the 1%. There is so much anger that eats inside of them.

Except when it comes to me and my dog. I am angry that I am going to have to take her to the vet next week and drop her off for two days. She is going to be scared and in pain. Then I will pick her up and she will be scared and in pain for another day or two. If I think too much about it, it makes me angry. It’s also the reason I could never be a nurse or animal care worker. I just feel so much empathy and sometimes sympathy for the pain and the fear. With my dog I find myself having to distance myself from it, which means in some ways distance myself from her so I can deal with it. And then I feel bad about that.

I wish I had someone to be angry at. I am certainly not fond of mosquitoes


2 thoughts on “Sometimes the medicine doesn’t work

  1. I am so sorry that you both have to go through that. I do take heart (oops) from the knowledge that a friend’s dog who was in a very bad way over this pulled through wonderfully.

    When I was younger I thought about being a vet, but for just the same reasons, I couldn’t do it.

    Hope she feels much better and makes a great recovery as soon as possible!

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