This is what will be on and around my deck soon! I am very excited!!





2 thoughts on “Soon…..

  1. All very pretty! I love the smell of marigolds. I keep telling myself I am going to a marigold garden. Maybe this year. Our last frost day isn’t until May 15 so it will be awhile for me. They will look wonderful on your deck!

    1. I love marigolds. The calendula has been swapped out for gazanias for now. I bought zinnia, impatents and gazania seeds to start inside. I really like growing things from seed when I can. Corey will buy a flat of marigolds and hopefully I am find some. Calendula by then. We haven’t had marigolds in years so I am looking forward
      I so bought catnip seeds!
      We will probably do one Roma tomato plant and one green pepper too. So nice to be able to do plants again!