Sooooo Sleepy

I know that I in fact got 8 hours of sleep, it is just that I had a lot of wake ups and stay ups in there and now I am so tired. I have that not enough sleep headache.

This upcoming week went from nothing to do, to stuff everyday and double booked on one day. Sorry Erin – no Wednesday trip for me. 🙁

Today is an unplanned trip to the vet for the puppy. She is showing signs of a urinary tract infection so in she goes. It was a long day of barking and ins and outs yesterday, and she started again at 4am. Poor puppy. Though she seems much better this morning, as this is how it usually works, isn’t it?

My damn cat made everything worse! I brought the dog into the living room and set up a bed on the couch for us, I say us because she was determined to lay with her head on my lap as a pillow. She of course could only get comfortable pushing her skull into the spot on my hip that cannot be touched without pain. I also shut the doors leading to my bedroom so my husband could sleep since he gets up at 6 for work, but that cat just would not leave the doors alone! He apparently thinks it is unacceptable. So then he would wake up the dog and I . I will spend some time sneaking up on him and waking him up today to get revenge.


But, I think it is far more likely that I will curl up on the couch and watch some Sunday night DVR’d shows and then nap this afternoon. I am very lucky that I am able to do that!

I really need to do coursework today. After getting great feedback last week I have barely touched it since. 🙁 I do not want to get off track.

It is a good day for hanging out inside. Cool and windy.


1 thought on “Sooooo Sleepy

  1. I’ve been surprised by how cool it’s been the last couple of days! I like to spend at least a little time outside in the patio, but had to give up after a little while.

    Cats HATE closed doors. I don’t know what that is about, but they really do.

    Hope tonight is more peaceful all around and your busy week goes smoothly!

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