Sort of, but not really..

I have a lot to say, but it’s two different posts so today will just be catch up.

Had a treatment this week. You know, I need to stop calling it chemo because the drugs I will be getting are not really considered chemo drugs. So far the Herceptin has been approved and will be provided free of charge by the drug company for the rest of my life:

That is the treatment I had this week. They did a double dose and it is apparently also eating away at my insides which are now coming out in liquid form. For this treatment they also did premeds of Benadryl and steroids. The double dose, benadryl & steroids should be a one time thing. I did not expect side effects. πŸ™

The second drug has not been approved yet. My doctor is still working on it. The drug company thinks my extraordinary results were probably due to the herceptin but my Doctor doesn’t want to take the chance that it was due to the Perjeta, or the combination of the two that I received.

So that’s where we stand right now. I will most likely be treated every three weeks for the rest of my life. Hopefully my innards will adjust at some point so I don’t feel bad for the next 20 years. I won’t be thinking too much about that yet because it’s really a wait and see kind of thing. If things get too horrible we’ll deal with that when it’s time.

The condo quest also goes on! We’re really in the final acts of it, but it’s still the too early to call it a sure thing part. We got the inspection done and there are some things that need to be fixed. Probably a few thousand dollars worth of repairs. My inspector declared the condo “well built” and “well maintained” but still, codes change, people take short-cuts – couple of things need to be addressed. That has to be negotiated still with the seller. Do they fix? Do we fix and take the cost off the purchase price? Do they say no to either choice and we’re left with no condo? We’re also still waiting for the assessment by the mortgage company.

Every time I go in I feel a little more at home. πŸ™‚




3 thoughts on “Sort of, but not really..

  1. I’m thinking good thoughts for you for the condo. I hope it goes well and gets sorted out quickly.

    I am so glad the medicine is working but it tears me up to know your guts are melting. I know this stuff takes a lot of fine tuning – I hope the can do that quickly so that you are feeling your best.

    I hope you rest well today and wake up feeling so much better tomorrow!!!

  2. Yay on the drugs. It is just such a relief!!!! And free!!!

    I can’t believe the owners won’t pony up because any inspection done for different buyers will produce the same results. Some will…some won’t?

    Your trip is to Boston area, right?

    1. Yes, we will take a slow drive up to Boston for two days – seeing the Foo Fighters at Fenway, then we will head over to the Salem area and spend the rest of the week wandering Massachusetts.

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