Sorta lame

I am out of sorts today. I am snappish. I am cold, and tired and hungry.  I think I am fighting off a cold, which explains all of those things. I haven’t accomplished much today. Luckily this morning I took care of some business. It was the one thing on my list of have to do today, and I did two things. Oh, I also did my laundry, so that’s good. I have decided I am guilt free and if I want to read for the rest of the afternoon, that’s okay.

I am lame because my foot hurts! I have been on the treadmill every day for thirty minutes and my plantar fasciitus has been bothering me like crazy. If it’s not one thing it’s the other. This morning I left my foot brace on when I got on the treadmill and it caused all sorts of pain.

I am so sad about the loss of a long time blogger. John was a fascinating man who had amazing stories from him youth that he rarely shared. It’s a weird feeling when someone you have an acquaintance with but not really close, and have never met in person is gone. I think it’s much worse when you never find out and someone just disappears.

I get frustrated by people whose first instincts are to be rude rather than kind or polite.

Oh, and my lungs hurt. 🙁 I think it’s just part of that fighting off a cold thing but it’s aggravating.

Judging by the tilt of Frankies ears, I think he would like me to turn my music down.


Trying to Sleep!
Trying to Sleep!


I think I’ll go do some reading now. I am currently reading “Caught Dead Handed – A Witch city mystery” by Carol J. Perry. It’s a nice light murder mystery. Set in Salem, MA – every time I type the word MYSTERY I type mysterday instead, weird!  Salem was a fun place to visit. I hope when we go back to Massachusetts in July we go to Salem for a day.



5 thoughts on “Sorta lame

  1. Hahahaha Frankie! That made me snicker!

    I do the same thing with wanting to get chores done so I can assuage the guilt so I can play. Probably actually good for you to get off your feet. Take the day in bed!

    1. Donna, I completely forgot about my yoga toes. I have a couple of different types that do the same thing, thanks for the reminder! Golf ball under foot = excellent.

  2. Doesn’t it just tick you off when you are trying to do good things for your body and you just seem to hurt it more?

    How nice that someone reminded you of the toe exercises. I hope it helps.

    I saw that notice about the blogger. I didn’t know him. It is nice that other bloggers let people know what happened to him. I always felt bad about that lady who lived near Peoria who just vanished.

    I hope you are reading happily right now. I am sorry you are out of sorts. You are allowed to have those days. love and hugs dear friend.

  3. I hope you felt better as the day progressed. If you do come to Salem and only if you want to, give me a yell. I am close! I’d love to meet up! But no pressure, because its a vacation after all!

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