we need a name  for this February thaw we are getting. Oh, I guess February thaw is a good name!

I have just been rolling along through life lately. Allowing each morning to determine my flow for the day instead of having a plan.  I am pretty low energy this winter. (OMG a commercial just used the sound effect of a vibrating phone in the background of their commercial- very confusing for a moment) I really hope this isn’t my new normal. My body is just worn out. Between my bad hips and lungs and 18 months on these chemo mess I think I finally really hit that fatigue everyone talks about. I do not like it

Next week is my follow up CT, as opposed to my normal quarterly CT, to find out if the blip is a real thing or just a bad angle. I am nervous. I do not want to start that whole chaos all over again. Biopsy, lung collapse, recovery, and decisions. My treatments are the one thing that I would prefer never change.

When I go to sleep I must only have a sheet on me or it is too hot. The second I wake up I pile on all the blankets.

i say publicly I Love my iPad mini. You were right Corey

I love this picture of Frank



4 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. In Central Texas, we are setting high temperature records. Eighties today. Now that we can make up our own facts, I’m just going to belive that it is May. Hmm, that might screw up my holiday season, though!

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