Squalls Ahead!

I am angry today. Everything is making me mad. I will assume it’s the extra two days of steroids and now today none. My heart is pounding and it makes for an uncomfortable feeling that makes you feel angry even when you’re not. Walking from the couch to the chair takes my heart rate up to an alarming number. This part lasts about a week and is very uncomfortable.

The good news is that there was NO FAINTING this weekend! Adding the tapering off of the steroids seems to have done the trick with that. I think I probably should have taken another low dose one this morning. Fainting is very very scary and uncomfortable and I am very happy to have skipped that part.

The neuropathy in my fingers is still very bad. I had my Monday morning call today which involves a lot of note taking and it was quite painful.  I also now have a muscle spasming in my shoulder/neck and up into my ear. This is an old friend revisiting I believe, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I really need to just work some weights and heat on my neck and shoulders to release the muscles.

My husband cleaned out our pantry cupboard this weekend. It’s just lovely now! It’s nice to open it and see what’s actually in there again.

I worked a couple more hours this evening. It’s just so painful. I am typing this on my tablet which is better. Not great, but better. I feel so sad about feeling so bad.  I really worry about someone needing me during the bad week and not only can I not be there for them I don’t even have the energy to be appropriately supportive.


I will be glad when next week is here and I am feeling better. This week is just a big old pus filled ball of unpleasant. Almost done though and on to two good weeks!









6 thoughts on “Squalls Ahead!

  1. Aw. I’m so sorry it’s a crap week. I wish there was anything at all I could do to make things better. I have a famoly member witj neuropathy in feet and calves. Just plain uncomfortable almost all the time. Will it pass eventually? Here’s wishing you regain your strength quickly. Glad you have your family to take such good care of you. ♡. Always sending prayers and every good thought yiur way.

    1. Thanks Deb. I am getting mixed info on the neuropathy. Some people are telling me it will get better it just takes years, others – the doctor – tells me once it reaches a certain point it’s permanent. Thank you for all the animals in my mail today! 🙂

  2. It’s got to be Hell!!
    The neuropathy isn’t even keeping you down! I’ve tried to dictate blogs but it doesn’t work for me…have u tried it? It’s 1:45 am…I should be asleep but my mind won’t shut down….are you sleeping deep or restless sleep? Got your Christmas card today…thank you for taking the time and energy!! When I say u are amazing, it comes from my ❤️.

    1. Thank you Nina. I sleep really restlessly and not much while I am on the steroids and then there is one fantastic night of sleep, this week it was Sunday night. Then back to restless for awhile.
      I feel like such a lump. It’s amazing how many hours I can spend just staring at the window. Better today though!

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