Stop children what’s that sound…..

Oh….it is my lungs! I woke up a couple of times last night because I  was hearing noises, yup, it’s my own breathing. One more day!  Pulmonologist on Monday.

Maybe I should start a pool?

  1. Giant Infection
  2. Fungus
  3. Just more cancer in a weird formation (don’t be nervous if this is what it is, everything is still shrinking – yay chemo!)
  4. Still unknown,we need more testing

Can you tell I am getting a little frustrated? I just cannot believe how long I have had to wait for the results. If I continue going to this doctor I will make some changes in how I approach things.

The last two mornings when I open the doors my back yard has sounded like an aviary! All of my lovely birds have come back. Woodpeckers, bluejays, robins, cardinals and little ones that I can’t identify. So beautiful to hear.




10 thoughts on “Stop children what’s that sound…..

    1. No it cannot be the emphysema, at least according to the pulmonologist and ct scan. My emphysema is minute. Teeny tiny spots of it. According to the pulmonologist it cannot be causing any of my problems. So the good news there is that it most likely will not cause me problems for many many years to come.

  1. I actually kind of hope it is a fungus because I am afraid if it is infection they won’t do anything since I have already had three rounds of antibiotics and the latest ct shows shrinkage, and I really feel like hell so I want a magic pill.
    It makes me so frustrated that my activity level is dropping and I am losing stamina and I can’t do anything about it.

  2. Well, don’t let paranoia strike you! Anyway, I hope this doc has a ,clear, concise answers and has a good game plan ready for you.

    1. Me too!! You know, I have had a little headache for three days, and I didnt particulate his office so I am afraid if he says something I don’t want to hear I may just snap.

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