Stress & Bathroom Artists

You know some days are easier than other. Today is the appointment with the my new Oncologist. There’s a lot of stress involved. Hmm, is it stress? What is bad anticipation? Anxiety. Yeah, that’s it. There’s a lot of anxiety involved. So much unknown. As the weekend went on my husband just got more and more tense.  I was afraid he wasn’t going to make it until today. I hope he is busy at work.

There is no possibility of the oncologist giving us good news. It’s just a matter of degrees of bad. This should be prognosis and treatment. Surgery? Chemo? Surgery & Chemo?  Surgery & Chemo & Radiation? Nothing? There is no good answer.

I can’t even think of what would be the best and the worst so I know what to be focusing on. I am not looking forward to effects from any of the available treatments.

I went to the gym yesterday to work out because things will probably move very quickly after today and it’s possible that by next week I won’t be able to work out. My lungs are still bad, adding fighting off a cold to my already present lung issues, so I knew I wouldn’t be good at cardio, I was right, so I tried to give more of my energy to weights and weight bearing exercises. I am definitely feeling it! I kept wanting to tell everyone, I really don’t suck this bad, I just can’t breathe because they poked a needle in my lung! Maybe if I get to workout again I’ll wear a button.

Our random pictures of the day:



This was on a bathroom door in Canada. I thought the funniest parts were the comments and corrections that other people had made on the original authors work. Might be too hard to see on this.




Lovely Sunset!


There is a large street in Toronto that is “Gay Village”. The street signs all have rainbows on them. It was adorable. Lots of rainbow lights and glitter and beautiful men. Our hotel was a block away so on Saturday night Corey & I walked down and around. I love that my picture of the Mural caught two men shaking hands. Looks like an advertisement.



3 thoughts on “Stress & Bathroom Artists

  1. I am glad the appointment was a positive experience. How is your hubby doing? I worry about him. Guys don’t have the same kind of social networks that woman have and use to share their problems.

    Your pictures are fabulous. I love the picture of the mural.

    I hope you can have a peaceful day today. I am going to try and get out of the house and enjoy this beautiful day.

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