Stupid Ass Lung infection!

But…I am so happy I have a bluetooth keyboard. I can type this into my phone quickly and easily.

So I am definitely not going to take any more of the stupid horrible mega strong antibiotics. I will continue taking the other two and we will see what the doctor says. I haven’t been out of my house in a week and for the last three days have spent at least 75% of my time in bed. Still running a fever and yesterday my back started hurting too. Terrible, just terrible. I understand now why the doctor only prescribed two weeks worth, just in case.

I have lost 7 pounds in 7 days. I don’t care how much weight I want to lose this is not the way to do it. Food is disgusting and I don’t think I am absorbing any nutrition at all.

I had commitments this last week that I had to blow off and I feel bad about that. Very bad.

Hopefully by this afternoon I will be able to leave the house and we will go the greenhouse! We need plants. And I will wear shorts!! I bought shorts and have not been able to wear them yet.

Allright enough bitching and whining! I hope we all enjoy our Saturday.



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