Stupid Commercials!!

I love caramels. The good ones that are really rich in flavor and taste like their #1 ingredient is butter, with sugar coming in a close second. Every time I see the commercial for the candy (whose name will not be mentioned) pictured below it makes me want to go out and buy it immediately! I have been longing to pop one into my mouth and take a little half a chew to release the flavor and then try to just savor it slowly knowing that at some point I will be unable to stop myself and I’ll start chewing on it until my teeth stick together.

Before we go into any more discussion go ahead and click on the picture and look at the website. Doesn’t it look wonderful? Old fashioned and full of kitchen goodness.


You want to go buy them now too don’t you? Look at that, vanilla beans, cream, butter, raspberries! Hmmm, no sugar? What, don’t they use sugar in these caramels?

Luckily I was at the grocery last week and saw a display, grabbed it and was about to blithely throw it in the cart when I stopped and looked at the ingredients.



BASTARDS! Stop putting Palm Kernel Oil and High Fructose Corn Syrup in my OLD FASHIONED CANDY GOODNESS!


That is all.


1 thought on “Stupid Commercials!!

  1. I just saw these in the store the other day. After being such a label reader in years past, I’m not sure it would have occurred to me to read it. I haven’t had a really good caramel in a loooong time.

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