Stupid F*ing Cancer

Here We Go Again

According to the CT Scan the sad little lump of something in my right lung has grown again. This means we have to do something about it.

The something we will start with is a lung biopsy (#3 but who’s counting). If the lung biopsy shows cancer cells I will then consult with my Radiation Oncologist about a procedure called StereoStatic RadioSurgery

Then we will switch drugs that I am taking and see what happens.  Specifically my doctor will try to get approval for THIS drug from my insurance company. He wants to try this drug because it is similar to the ones that I have been on for the last two years that have worked so well but has some added oompf.

I noticed when I got home that the CT report also says “Adjacent right upper lobe atelectasis” which aggravates me. This is a  complete or partial collapse of a lung or lobe of a lung. Which is the one thing I fear in another biopsy because every time they have stuck a needle in my lungs, they have deflated. At some point the damage has to become permanent, right? I don’t know why my lung is already showing signs of deflation suddenly!

So anyway, if the biopsy shows no cancer cells, we will go from there. Could be that it just missed a spot since there is already a mass of scar tissue there, or could be infection? I don’t even know what the next step would be.

I am glad that I will be seeing my Radiation Oncologist, I have a lot of respect for him after the last appointments. He is knowledgeable and very thorough and independently verified all of the information given to him about my test results.


Edit – Went and looked it up.

The collapsed lung could be because the mass is blocking proper air flow (no shit). It is at the top of my lungs, a rather inconvenient place.

If you are curious


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  1. So sorry to hear that, Tracy; that’s just awful. I am glad you have some good and clear plans, and it sounds like you have some wonderful medical professionals on your side. Team Tracy!

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