SummerTime, SummerTime, Sum Sum SummerTime

We have hit the time of year when I stop doing anything productive. 🙂 I have become so selfish about my time!

If it is nice out I want to be outside. I am hoping to go to the dog park this afternoon for a bit. Tonight is improv. Class #2 of the 2nd level.

I had a person out yesterday to give me an estimate on modifying my  deck. I want to add gates and horizontal bars to make it secure to let the dogs out without being attached to leads. Benny loves to lay on the deck, and as I do too, it seems like a worthy investment. Now I just need Mr. Murray to help me get the shades up so I have an awning.

My laptop power connector seems to have finally died which means my battery will not charge. (At least I hope that is the problem) so I am tethered to the wall when I want to use my laptop. I have a thousand electronic devices to type on – for instance right now I am typing on my iPad mini using a Bluetooth keyboard that I keep in my bedside table. Best $8.00 I have spent! – but some things need a laptop unfortunately. I have the replacement port but it is not something I can do. I need to drop it off somewhere. My son-in-law could fix it but he is so busy and I hate asking people for favors. UHG. I do not want to give up my laptop for days. Maybe I will find a place today and drop it off Wednesday afternoon.

So the person yesterday owns a home repair company which if they are good is worth the weight in gold. It is just so difficult to find a reliable decent company. For some reason it really bugs me that they do not have a website! I want to offer to make a quick one for them. If I hire them, maybe I will.

My cataract’less eye is still healing. My vision is definitely different very excited to get new glasses in a month. I will need to order new sunglasses too. I should have my daughter pick the frames, I always love her sunglasses

Look at my Black Raspberry! It goes it’s first flower yesterday, but it I covered in buds. I hope the deer save me at least one raspberry to try.

I think I will splurge and go make a second cup of coffee.

Benny has turned into a bully. He picks on Dusty, he picks on the cat, and last time we were at the dog park he was picking on a sweet little girl. All the research I have done says I am doing the correct correction but I need to get more consistent. I would hate to not be able to take him out to play with other dogs, and I really do not want Frank to be unhappy.

For Benny it is play, but it is bad play behavior.

On Sunday my daughter said to me – paraphrasing – that my hair is no longer short. I once again look like her mom has always looked. So there you go. Four and a half years after chemo knocked those follicles for a loop it is back to Tracy hair. Thinner, but it is there.

Also in case you have never tried them, IKEA band-aids are the strongest band-aids in the universe. They could be used to hold the ISS together.


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