Sunday Thoughts

Eagle Pose or Garudasana is one of my favorite yoga poses and I do a Half Eagle daily, sometimes hourly, until I forget and then something will trigger my memory and I will start it again.

For me it has an opening effect on my shoulders, that in between spot that gets so tight.

For some reason it also has an internal effect. It quiets my mind. I have no idea why. I am really not spiritual so I can’t ascribe it to any ancient custom so I will go for opening blood flow.

Full Eagle is challenging and I can only do it when my hips are not bothering me, so you know, 1 day a month or so. 

“Pay attention to the qualities of softness or hardness in your breath, your body, and your eyes.”

“As you sustain it, let your awareness pervade every part of your body, your breath, your sense organs. Be equally present everywhere. When you find any part of your attention wavering, renew your commitment to being present there. Where is this most challenging?”

For all of the people who sent me messages about turning my Facebook Profile black to show the effect and power of women please don’t be offended that I made the choice to not change mine.

I find it vaguely disquieting.   I think a discourse on sexual assault against women should include men in the conversation.

I think we will solve these problems by unifying, not separating.


I went to Trader Joes yesterday and bought this candle. It really smells like an apple. A real apple, not a sweet candy smell of fake apple.

Ohio is all about apples right now. We went to a nearby orchard the other day and bought apple fritters, apply doughnuts and apple bread, which I then topped with Apple Cider Jam from Trader Joes.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts

  1. Last night I was going through the Trader Joe’s flyer and saw that they had that apple candle and both Craig and I want to go out and get that today. And I come here and you’ve bought it. Great minds…ha ha ha!

    1. The other one, that I can’t remenber actually smelled better in the store but the apple is splice and subtle and fresh smelling!
      They also have candy corn popcorn……

  2. I am a terrible sucker for scented candles. I try to remember to burn them, because I love them but I forget to light them. Then I set my phone for a certain amount of time so that I remember to turn them off.

  3. That is a good pose. Sometimes I get foot cramps doing it. I blame it on the flip flops. I may have to give them up for something with more support all summer. The horror! And I guess I don’t even get actual cramps, I can just feel it starting and wimp out.
    I agree with you about men being included in the conversation about sexual assault. It’s important.
    A good apple candle-YAY!

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