Super glue beneath your wings

Are you a cheerleader or a heckler?

I am, by nature, a heckler. My sarcasm streak runs deep. I do not intend to be unsupportive or mean but I have to be very careful because my first instinct is almost always to be biting. Having said that, I do not understand people whose first instinct is to make someone feel worse. If I know you feel bad about a mistake I would not liberally sprinkle salt in the wound. Just so you know.

Unrelated but sounds like it is not; I almost hope Donald Trump wins just so I do not have to listen to at least four years of disrespectful jokes about Hilary Clinton.

My husband and I voted a couple of weeks ago.

I did not sleep well last night, at all! I think it was a sugar effect, not an election day result.  When I am sick it makes me want to curl up and be cozy, and I am generally nicer. When I am tired I just want the world to leave me the hell alone! Good day to avoid the public I think.

Not talking about the politics of Tim Kaine but when he talks I just want to smile. He looks like such a nice man. He is on GMA as I type this.

I need to find something to focus on. Maybe it is time to start planning Christmas dinner. I am suffering from Social Media envy. When you watch other peoples adventures and lives and think “Why isn’t that me?” So much of my life is controlled by circumstances.



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