Surprise! (Not)

Nothing startling at the oncologist today.
He agrees that it is “probably” scar tissue being a giant pain in the ass again but is not willing to risk that. So, chemo as normal tomorrow for now, but I am on physical lock down, no cardio until after a PET scan next week. This will make sure I am not stirring up an tissue that then tries to heal.
The results will then go before the tumor board, and he is consulting with one of my other doctors – who is by the way the first doctor two years ago to say, hey, that does not look like a cancerous tumor, it looks like scar tissue with an infection, so you know I love and trust him, and then based on the results of the PET and the consultation, we will decide what is next.
We discussed, and I am pretty sure he is going to push for, regardless of the PET, sterostatic radiosurgery on the mass. So that no matter what, everything is covered. Not thrilled about the thought of more radiation, more damage to my lung, but I will do what needs to be done!
So for now, business as usual!




3 thoughts on “Surprise! (Not)

  1. Okay – I have been waiting all day for your update. 🙂 (I swear I wasn’t stalking you though…..) 🙂
    I’m glad it’s moving along with smart people in the mix. Keep on keepin on! 😀